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Fixed #1977 -- Added clarification about TIME_ZONE setting.

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adrianholovaty committed Jul 7, 2006
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@@ -729,6 +729,10 @@ TIME_ZONE
Default: ``'America/Chicago'``
A string representing the time zone for this installation. `See available choices`_.
+(Note that list of available choices lists more than one on the same line;
+you'll want to use just one of the choices for a given time zone. For instance,
+one line says ``'Europe/London GB GB-Eire'``, but you should use the first bit
+of that -- ``'Europe/London'`` -- as your ``TIME_ZONE`` setting.)
Note that this is the time zone to which Django will convert all dates/times --
not necessarily the timezone of the server. For example, one server may serve

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