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Fixed #15681 -- Fixed a documentation error regarding the default val…

…ue of the STATIC_URL setting. Thanks, Chris Drackett.

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  1. +11 −3 docs/howto/static-files.txt
14 docs/howto/static-files.txt
@@ -48,16 +48,24 @@ Here's the basic usage in a nutshell:
See the documentation for the :setting:`STATICFILES_FINDERS` setting for
details on how ``staticfiles`` finds your files.
- 2. Make sure that ``django.contrib.staticfiles`` is in your
+ 2. Set the :setting:`STATIC_URL` setting to the URL you want to use
+ for pointing to your static files, e.g.::
+ STATIC_URL = '/static/'
+ In projects freshly created with the :djadmin:`startproject`
+ management command this will be preset to ``'/static/'``.
+ 3. Make sure that ``django.contrib.staticfiles`` is in your
For :ref:`local development<staticfiles-development>`, if you are using
:ref:`runserver<staticfiles-runserver>` or adding
:ref:`staticfiles_urlpatterns<staticfiles-development>` to your URLconf,
you're done! Your static files will automatically be served at the
- default :setting:`STATIC_URL` of ``/static/``.
+ :setting:`STATIC_URL` you specified in step 2.
- 3. You'll probably need to refer to these files in your templates. The
+ 4. You'll probably need to refer to these files in your templates. The
easiest method is to use the included context processor which will allow
template code like:
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