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@@ -228,13 +228,14 @@ Short answer: When we're comfortable with Django's APIs, have added all
features that we feel are necessary to earn a "1.0" status, and are ready to
begin maintaining backwards compatibility.
-The merging of Django's `magic-removal branch`_ went a long way toward Django
+The merging of Django's `Queryset Refactor branch`_ went a long way toward Django
+1.0. Merging the `Newforms Admin branch` will be another important step.
Of course, you should note that `quite a few production sites`_ use Django in
its current status. Don't let the lack of a 1.0 turn you off.
-.. _magic-removal branch:
+.. _Queryset Refactor branch:
+.. _Newforms Admin branch:
.. _quite a few production sites:
How can I download the Django documentation to read it offline?
@@ -259,7 +260,9 @@ Where can I find Django developers for hire?
Consult our `developers for hire page`_ for a list of Django developers who
would be happy to help you.
-You might also be interested in posting a job to .
+You might also be interested in posting a job to .
+If you want to find Django-capable people in your local area, try
+ .
.. _developers for hire page:
@@ -643,6 +646,76 @@ You can also use the Python API. See `creating users`_ for full info.
.. _creating users: ../authentication/#creating-users
+Getting Help
+How do I do X? Why doesn't Y work? Where can I go to get help?
+If this FAQ doesn't contain an answer to your question, you might want to
+try the `django-users`_ mailing list. Feel free to ask any question related
+to installing, using, or debugging Django.
+If you prefer IRC, the `#django IRC channel`_ on freenode is an active
+community of helpful individuals who may be able to solve your problem.
+.. _django-users mailing list:
+.. _#django IRC channel: irc://
+Why hasn't my message appeared on django-users?
+Django-users has a lot of subscribers. This is good for the community, as
+there are lot of people that can contribute answers to questions.
+Unfortunately, it also means that django-users is an attractive target for
+In order to combat the spam problem, when you join the django-users mailing
+list, we manually moderate the first message you send to the list. This means
+that spammers get caught, but it also means that your first question to the
+list might take a little longer to get answered. We apologize for any
+inconvenience that this policy may cause.
+Nobody on django-users answered my question? What should I do?
+Wait. Ask again later. Try making your question more specific, or provide
+a better example of your problem.
+Remember, the readers of django-users are all volunteers. If nobody has
+answered your question, it may be because nobody knows the answer, it may
+be because nobody can understand the question, or it may be that everybody
+that can help is extremely busy.
+Resist any temptation to mail the `django-developers mailing list`_ in an
+attempt to get an answer to your question. Django-developers is for discussing
+the development of Django itself. Attempts to use django-developers as
+a second-tier support mechanism will not be met with enthusiastic responses.
+I think I've found a bug! What should I do?
+Detailed instructions on how to handle a potential bug can be found in our
+`Guide to contributing to Django`_.
+.. _contribution guide: ../contributing/#reporting-bugs
+I think I've found a security problem! What should I do?
+If you think you have found a security problem with Django, please send
+a message to This is a private list only
+open to long-time, highly trusted Django developers, and its archives
+are not publicly readable.
+Due to the sensitive nature of security issues, we ask that if you think you
+have found a security problem, *please* don't send a message to one of the
+public mailing lists. Django has `a policy for handling security issues`_;
+while a defect is outstanding, we would like to minimize any damage that
+could be inflicted through public knowledge of that defect.
+.. _policy for handling security issues: ../contributing/#reporting-security-issues
Contributing code
@@ -664,6 +737,11 @@ ignored" and "a ticket has not been attended to yet." Django's ticket system
contains hundreds of open tickets, of various degrees of impact on end-user
functionality, and Django's developers have to review and prioritize.
+On top of that - the team working on Django are all volunteers. As a result,
+the amount of time that we have to work on Django is limited, and will vary
+from week to week depending on how much spare time we have. If we are busy, we
+may not be able to spend as much time on Django as we might want.
Besides, if your feature request stands no chance of inclusion in Django, we
won't ignore it -- we'll just close the ticket. So if your ticket is still
open, it doesn't mean we're ignoring you; it just means we haven't had time to

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