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Fixed #15341 -- Clarified where translation problems should be report…

…ed in the contributing docs. Thanks to bpeschier for the report and patch.

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1 parent 1d4640a commit 8ee9a4627e6716f24f529260928a1c36e7941e66 Gabriel Hurley committed Feb 19, 2011
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@@ -404,8 +404,10 @@ infrastructure available to Django applications described in the
:doc:`i18n documentation</topics/i18n/index>`.
These translations are contributed by Django users worldwide. If you find an
-incorrect translation, or if you'd like to add a language that isn't yet
-translated, here's what to do:
+incorrect translation or want to discuss specific translations, go to the
+`translation team`_ page for that language. If you would like to help out
+with translating or add a language that isn't yet translated, here's what
+to do:
* Join the `Django i18n mailing list`_ and introduce yourself.
@@ -449,6 +451,7 @@ translated, here's what to do:
.. _Transifex:
.. _Django project page:
.. _translation teams:
+.. _translation team:
.. _Transifex Help:
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