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Fixed a test failure introduced in 55a1168.

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1 parent d34b94b commit 8ef060e0e67ae30cc1a0fee9c679f116d3cc24f1 @jphalip jphalip committed
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2 tests/admin_views/
@@ -2199,7 +2199,7 @@ def test_with_fk_to_field(self):
from django.contrib.admin.views.main import TO_FIELD_VAR
response = self.client.get('/test_admin/admin/auth/user/?q=joe&%s=username' % TO_FIELD_VAR)
self.assertContains(response, "\n1 user\n")
- self.assertContains(response, '<input type="hidden" name="t" value="username"/>', html=True)
+ self.assertContains(response, '<input type="hidden" name="_to_field" value="username"/>', html=True)
def test_exact_matches(self):
response = self.client.get('/test_admin/admin/admin_views/recommendation/?q=bar')

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