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@@ -830,6 +830,14 @@ Miscellaneous
changes in 1.6 particularly affect :class:`~django.forms.DecimalField` and
+* Some :attr:`~django.forms.Field.error_messages` for
+ :class:`~django.forms.IntegerField`,
+ :class:`~django.forms.EmailField`,
+ :class:`~django.forms.IPAddressField`,
+ :class:`~django.forms.GenericIPAddressField`, and
+ :class:`~django.forms.SlugField` have been suppressed because they
+ duplicated error messages already provided by validators tied to the fields.
* There have been changes in the way timeouts are handled in cache backends.
Explicitly passing in ``timeout=None`` no longer results in using the
default timeout. It will now set a non-expiring timeout. Passing 0 into the

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