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[1.5.X] Fixed #19167 - Added a warning regarding module-level databas…

…e queries

Thanks Daniele Procida for the patch.

Backport of 07361d1 from master
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timgraham committed Nov 2, 2012
1 parent a738d80 commit 90af863410cae9d043f5378a7cfdab92a696b562
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@@ -379,6 +379,15 @@ control the particular collation used by the test database. See the
:doc:`settings documentation </ref/settings>` for details of these
advanced settings.
.. admonition:: Finding data from your production database when running tests?
If your code attempts to access the database when its modules are compiled,
this will occur *before* the test database is set up, with potentially
unexpected results. For example, if you have a database query in
module-level code and a real database exists, production data could pollute
your tests. *It is a bad idea to have such import-time database queries in
your code* anyway - rewrite your code so that it doesn't do this.
.. _topics-testing-masterslave:
Testing master/slave configurations

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