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[1.0.X] Auth-related doc cleanups:

  * Added to documentation of missing characters from `allowed_chars` in `make_random_password`.
  * Fixed several long lines and word wraps.
  * Added a reference link to the "How to log a user in" section and made a later reference to this section an actual link using the `:ref:` directive.
  * Turned a command line code example into a code block.
  * Added attribute reference link for a ``request.META`` mention.
  * Added `code-block:: html` directives for HTML examples.
  * Corrected reference links for all the `auth.views` functions.
  * Added a few function signatures and documentation of optional parameters that were missing for some of the the `auth.views` functions (refs #10272).

Backport of r9835 from trunk.

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@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ It also has these methods:
session key value that is sent back to the user in the cookie. This is
used if you want to ensure that the previous session data can't be
accessed again from the user's browser (for example, the
- ``django.contrib.auth.logout()`` method calls it).
+ :func:`django.contrib.auth.logout()` function calls it).
* ``set_test_cookie()``

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