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Draft 1.0.2 release notes

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+Django 1.0.2 release notes
+Welcome to Django 1.0.2!
+This is the second "bugfix" release in the Django 1.0 series,
+improving the stability and performance of the Django 1.0 codebase. As
+such, Django 1.0.2 contains no new features (and, pursuant to `our
+compatibility policy`_, maintains backwards compatibility with Django
+1.0.2), but does contain a number of fixes and other
+improvements. Django 1.0.2 is a recommended upgrade for any
+development or deployment currently using or targeting Django 1.0.
+Fixes and improvements in Django 1.0.2
+The primary reason behind this release is to remedy an issue in the
+recently-released Django 1.0.1; the packaging scripts used for Django
+1.0.1 omitted some directories from the final release package,
+including one directory required by ``django.contrib.gis`` and part of
+Django's unit-test suite.
+Django 1.0.2 contains updated packaging scripts, and the release
+package contains the directories omitted from Django 1.0.1. As such,
+this release contains all of the fixes and improvements from Django
+1.0.1; see :ref:`the Django 1.0.1 release notes <releases-1.0.1>` for
+Additionally, in the period since Django 1.0.1 was released:
+* Updated Hebrew and Danish translations have been added.
+* The default ``__repr__`` method of Django models has been made more
+ robust in the face of bad Unicode data coming from the
+ ``__unicode__`` method; rather than raise an exception in such
+ cases, ``repr()`` will now contain the string "[Bad Unicode data]"
+ in place of the invalid Unicode.
+* A bug involving the interaction of Django's ``SafeUnicode`` class
+ and the MySQL adapter has been resolved; ``SafeUnicode`` instances
+ (generated, for example, by template rendering) can now be assigned
+ to model attributes and saved to MySQL without requiring an explicit
+ intermediate cast to ``unicode``.
+* A bug affecting filtering on a nullable ``DateField`` in SQLite has
+ been resolved.
+* Several updates and improvements have been made to Django's
+ documentation.

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