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Fixed #3857 -- Used a table to describe the required arg for FileFiel…

…d. This

makes it consistent with other argument descriptions. Thanks, whiteinge.

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@@ -194,14 +194,23 @@ This doesn't accept ``maxlength``; its ``maxlength`` is automatically set to
-A file-upload field.
+A file-upload field. Has one **required** argument:
-Has an extra required argument, ``upload_to``, a local filesystem path to
-which files should be upload. This path may contain `strftime formatting`_,
-which will be replaced by the date/time of the file upload (so that
-uploaded files don't fill up the given directory).
+ ====================== ===================================================
+ Argument Description
+ ====================== ===================================================
+ ``upload_to`` A local filesystem path that will be appended to
+ your ``MEDIA_ROOT`` setting to determine the
+ output of the ``get_<fieldname>_url()`` helper
+ function.
+ ====================== ===================================================
+This path may contain `strftime formatting`_, which will be replaced by the
+date/time of the file upload (so that uploaded files don't fill up the given
-The admin represents this as an ``<input type="file">`` (a file-upload widget).
+The admin represents this field as an ``<input type="file">`` (a file-upload
Using a ``FileField`` or an ``ImageField`` (see below) in a model takes a few
@@ -246,7 +255,7 @@ visiting its URL on your site. Don't allow that.
A field whose choices are limited to the filenames in a certain directory
on the filesystem. Has three special arguments, of which the first is
====================== ===================================================
Argument Description

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