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1 parent 5d2b466 commit 95556fdd63a37f4714592c74bb2e6c0793bbafdc Mitch Davis committed with timgraham Aug 24, 2014
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@@ -1253,10 +1253,9 @@ To create or update a message file, run this command:: makemessages -l de
-...where ``de`` is the language code for the message file you want to create.
-The language code, in this case, is in :term:`locale format<locale name>`. For
-example, it's ``pt_BR`` for Brazilian Portuguese and ``de_AT`` for Austrian
+...where ``de`` is the :term:`locale name` for the message file you want to
+create. For example, ``pt_BR`` for Brazilian Portuguese, ``de_AT`` for Austrian
+German or ``id`` for Indonesian.
The script should be run from one of two places:

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