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Add note about security changes in 1.3 beta release notes.

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Backwards-incompatible changes in 1.3 alpha 2
+Change to admin lookup filters
+The Django admin has long had an undocumented "feature" allowing savvy
+users to manipulate the query string of changelist pages to filter the
+list of objects displayed. However, this also creates a security
+issue, as a staff user with sufficient knowledge of model structure
+could use this "feature" to gain access to information he or she would
+not normally have.
+As a result, changelist filtering now explicitly validates all lookup
+arguments in the query string, and permits only fields which are
+directly on the model, or relations explicitly permitted by the
+``ModelAdmin`` definition. If you were relying on this undocumented
+feature, you will need to update your ``ModelAdmin`` definitions to
+whitelist the relations you choose to expose for filtering.
Introduction of STATIC_URL and STATIC_ROOT settings

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