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[1.2.X] Added additional information on what the APPEND_SLASH setting…

… does. Thanks to ttencate for the report and draft text.

Backport of [14110] from trunk.

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1 parent 7de5770 commit 95d0ffbb0f96c3f77a64459a2922739d44819896 Gabriel Hurley committed Oct 10, 2010
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@@ -96,9 +96,14 @@ APPEND_SLASH
Default: ``True``
-Whether to append trailing slashes to URLs. This is only used if
-``CommonMiddleware`` is installed (see :doc:`/topics/http/middleware`). See also
+When set to ``True``, if the request URL does not match any of the patterns
+in the URLconf and it doesn't end in a slash, an HTTP redirect is issued to the
+same URL with a slash appended. Note that the redirect may cause any data
+submitted in a POST request to be lost.
+The ``APPEND_SLASH`` setting is only used if
+:class:`~django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware` is installed
+(see :doc:`/topics/http/middleware`). See also :setting:`PREPEND_WWW`.
@@ -1180,8 +1185,8 @@ PREPEND_WWW
Default: ``False``
Whether to prepend the "www." subdomain to URLs that don't have it. This is only
-used if ``CommonMiddleware`` is installed (see :doc:`/topics/http/middleware`).
-See also ``APPEND_SLASH``.
+used if :class:`~django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware` is installed
+(see :doc:`/topics/http/middleware`). See also :setting:`APPEND_SLASH`.

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