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Merge pull request #956 from maikhoepfel/master

Removed ambiguity regarding LANGUAGES setting
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2 parents e5d252f + a05042f commit 95d504f414509a299eb42c161963ec3adb47950b @timgraham timgraham committed
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6 docs/ref/settings.txt
@@ -1265,9 +1265,9 @@ see the current list of translated languages by looking in
.. _online source:
-The list is a tuple of two-tuples in the format ``(language code, language
-name)``, the ``language code`` part should be a
-:term:`language name<language code>` -- for example, ``('ja', 'Japanese')``.
+The list is a tuple of two-tuples in the format
+(:term:`language code<language code>`, ``language name``) -- for example,
+``('ja', 'Japanese')``.
This specifies which languages are available for language selection. See

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