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Fixed #3455: added documentation of Model.get_FIELD_display(). Thank…

…s, Ubernostrum.

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@@ -498,6 +498,13 @@ or outside your model class altogether::
class Foo(models.Model):
gender = models.CharField(maxlength=1, choices=GENDER_CHOICES)
+For each field on your model which has ``choices`` set, Django will
+add a method to retrieve the human-readable name for the field's
+current value; see `get_FOO_display`_ in the database API
+.. _get_FOO_display: ../db_api/#get-foo-display
Finally, note that choices can be any iterable object -- not necessarily a
list or tuple. This lets you construct choices dynamically. But if you find
yourself hacking ``choices`` to be dynamic, you're probably better off using

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