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Fixed #16680 -- Used single quotes for the TEMPLATE_DIRS examples in …

…part 2 of the tutorial to be consistent with the file generated by the startproject command. Thanks, Michael Tomkins.

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jphalip committed Aug 23, 2011
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@@ -405,14 +405,14 @@ By default, :setting:`TEMPLATE_DIRS` is empty. So, let's add a line to it, to
tell Django where our templates live::
- "/home/my_username/mytemplates", # Change this to your own directory.
+ '/home/my_username/mytemplates', # Change this to your own directory.
Now copy the template ``admin/base_site.html`` from within the default Django
admin template directory in the source code of Django itself
(``django/contrib/admin/templates``) into an ``admin`` subdirectory of
whichever directory you're using in :setting:`TEMPLATE_DIRS`. For example, if
-your :setting:`TEMPLATE_DIRS` includes ``"/home/my_username/mytemplates"``, as
+your :setting:`TEMPLATE_DIRS` includes ``'/home/my_username/mytemplates'``, as
above, then copy ``django/contrib/admin/templates/admin/base_site.html`` to
``/home/my_username/mytemplates/admin/base_site.html``. Don't forget that
``admin`` subdirectory.

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