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Reordered import statements for clarity.

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1 parent 2f59e94 commit 9729f77326af9f6dc8644ec2574a2c356f84f32d @aaugustin aaugustin committed Aug 19, 2012
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  1. +17 −17 tests/regressiontests/utils/
@@ -3,27 +3,27 @@
from __future__ import absolute_import
+from .archive import TestBzip2Tar, TestGzipTar, TestTar, TestZip
+from .baseconv import TestBaseConv
+from .checksums import TestUtilsChecksums
+from .crypto import TestUtilsCryptoPBKDF2
+from .datastructures import (DictWrapperTests, ImmutableListTests,
+ MergeDictTests, MultiValueDictTests, SortedDictTests)
from .dateformat import DateFormatTests
+from .dateparse import DateParseTests
+from .datetime_safe import DatetimeTests
+from .decorators import DecoratorFromMiddlewareTests
from .feedgenerator import FeedgeneratorTest
-from .module_loading import DefaultLoader, EggLoader, CustomLoader
-from .termcolors import TermColorTests
+from .functional import FunctionalTestCase
from .html import TestUtilsHtml
from .http import TestUtilsHttp
-from .checksums import TestUtilsChecksums
-from .text import TestUtilsText
+from .ipv6 import TestUtilsIPv6
+from .jslex import JsToCForGettextTest, JsTokensTest
+from .module_loading import CustomLoader, DefaultLoader, EggLoader
+from .regex_helper import NormalizeTests
from .simplelazyobject import TestUtilsSimpleLazyObject
-from .decorators import DecoratorFromMiddlewareTests
-from .functional import FunctionalTestCase
+from .termcolors import TermColorTests
+from .text import TestUtilsText
from .timesince import TimesinceTests
-from .datastructures import (MultiValueDictTests, SortedDictTests,
- DictWrapperTests, ImmutableListTests, MergeDictTests)
-from .tzinfo import TzinfoTests
-from .datetime_safe import DatetimeTests
-from .baseconv import TestBaseConv
-from .jslex import JsTokensTest, JsToCForGettextTest
-from .ipv6 import TestUtilsIPv6
from .timezone import TimezoneTests
-from .crypto import TestUtilsCryptoPBKDF2
-from .archive import TestZip, TestTar, TestGzipTar, TestBzip2Tar
-from .regex_helper import NormalizeTests
-from .dateparse import DateParseTests
+from .tzinfo import TzinfoTests

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