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Better error message for calling get_next_by_* on unsaved models.

Patch from Marc Fargas. Fixed #7435.

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malcolmt committed Sep 11, 2010
1 parent 506d559 commit 9802a73e254de90230f8c3574ec46e6761691ba7
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  1. +2 −0 django/db/models/
  2. +2 −0 docs/ref/models/instances.txt
@@ -644,6 +644,8 @@ def _get_FIELD_display(self, field):
return force_unicode(dict(field.flatchoices).get(value, value), strings_only=True)
def _get_next_or_previous_by_FIELD(self, field, is_next, **kwargs):
+ if not
+ raise ValueError("get_next/get_previous cannot be used on unsaved objects.")
op = is_next and 'gt' or 'lt'
order = not is_next and '-' or ''
param = smart_str(getattr(self, field.attname))
@@ -568,3 +568,5 @@ described in :ref:`Field lookups <field-lookups>`.
Note that in the case of identical date values, these methods will use the ID
as a fallback check. This guarantees that no records are skipped or duplicated.
+That also means you cannot use those methods on unsaved objects.

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