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python sqlindexes sessions
No more naughty words
Django has historically provided (and enforced) a list of profanities.
The :doc:`comments app </ref/contrib/comments/index>` has enforced this
list of profanities, preventing people from submitting comments that
contained one of those profanities.
Unfortunately, the technique used to implement this profanities list
was woefully naive, and prone to the `Scunthorpe problem`_. Fixing the
built in filter to fix this problem would require significant effort,
and since natural language processing isn't the normal domain of a web
framework, we have "fixed" the problem by making the list of
prohibited words an empty list.
If you want to restore the old behavior, simply put a
``PROFANITIES_LIST`` setting in your settings file that includes the
words that you want to prohibit (see the `commit that implemented this
change`_ if you want to see the list of words that was historically
prohibited). However, if avoiding profanities is important to you, you
would be well advised to seek out a better, less naive approach to the
.. _Scunthorpe problem:
.. _commit that implemented this change:
.. _deprecated-features-1.3:
Features deprecated in 1.3

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