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python sqlindexes sessions
+No more naughty words
+Django has historically provided (and enforced) a list of profanities.
+The :doc:`comments app </ref/contrib/comments/index>` has enforced this
+list of profanities, preventing people from submitting comments that
+contained one of those profanities.
+Unfortunately, the technique used to implement this profanities list
+was woefully naive, and prone to the `Scunthorpe problem`_. Fixing the
+built in filter to fix this problem would require significant effort,
+and since natural language processing isn't the normal domain of a web
+framework, we have "fixed" the problem by making the list of
+prohibited words an empty list.
+If you want to restore the old behavior, simply put a
+``PROFANITIES_LIST`` setting in your settings file that includes the
+words that you want to prohibit (see the `commit that implemented this
+change`_ if you want to see the list of words that was historically
+prohibited). However, if avoiding profanities is important to you, you
+would be well advised to seek out a better, less naive approach to the
+.. _Scunthorpe problem:
+.. _commit that implemented this change:
.. _deprecated-features-1.3:
Features deprecated in 1.3

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