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Fixed #3646 -- Corrected documentation for ABSOLUTE_URL_OVERRIDES. Pa…

…tch from

James Bennett.

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@@ -162,10 +162,13 @@ a model object and return its URL. This is a way of overriding
``get_absolute_url()`` methods on a per-installation basis. Example::
- 'blogs.Weblog': lambda o: "/blogs/%s/" % o.slug,
- 'news.Story': lambda o: "/stories/%s/%s/" % (o.pub_year, o.slug),
+ 'blogs.weblog': lambda o: "/blogs/%s/" % o.slug,
+ 'news.story': lambda o: "/stories/%s/%s/" % (o.pub_year, o.slug),
+Note that the model name used in this setting should be all lower-case, regardless
+of the case of the actual model class name.

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