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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ release, our plan is to do the following:
from django import oldforms as forms # new
* At an undecided future date, we will move the current ``django.newforms``
- to ``django.forms``. This will be a backwards-incompatible change, and
+ to ``django.forms``. This will be a backwards-incompatible change, and
anybody who is still using the old version of ``django.forms`` at that
time will need to change their import statements, as described in the
previous bullet.
@@ -282,6 +282,13 @@ example, in the ``ContactForm`` example, the fields are defined in the order
``subject``, ``message``, ``sender``, ``cc_myself``. To reorder the HTML
output, just change the order in which those fields are listed in the class.
+Using forms to validate data
+In addition to HTML form display, a ``Form`` class is responsible for
+validating data.
More coming soon
@@ -290,9 +297,6 @@
-- the unit tests for ``django.newforms``. This can give you a good idea of
what's possible.
-Using forms to validate data
Using forms with templates

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