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@@ -9,6 +9,13 @@ problems.
This code lives in ``django/contrib`` in the Django distribution. Here's a
rundown of the packages in ``contrib``:
+.. admonition:: Note
+ For most of these add-ons -- specifically, the add-ons that include either
+ models or template tags -- you'll need to add the package name (e.g.,
+ ``'django.contrib.admin'``) to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting and re-run
+ `` syncdb``.
.. _"batteries included" philosophy:
@@ -147,13 +154,20 @@ contains a ``USZipCodeField`` that you can use to validate U.S. zip codes.
-A collection of template filters that implement these common markup languages:
+A collection of template filters that implement common markup languages:
+ * ``textile`` -- implements `Textile`_
+ * ``markdown`` -- implements `Markdown`_
+ * ``restructuredtext`` -- implements `ReST (ReStructured Text)`_
- * `Textile`_
- * `Markdown`_
- * `ReST (ReStructured Text)`_
+In each case, the filter expects formatted markup as a string and returns a
+string representing the marked-up text. For example, the ``textile`` filter
+converts text that is marked-up in Textile format to HTML.
-For documentation, read the source code in django/contrib/markup/templatetags/
+To activate these filters, add ``'django.contrib.markup'`` to your
+``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting. Once you've done that, use ``{% load markup %}`` in
+a template, and you'll have access to these filters. For more documentation,
+read the source code in django/contrib/markup/templatetags/
.. _Textile:
.. _Markdown:

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