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Removed a mention of `Form._errors` from the documentation.

Also removed a sentence that was incorrect: raising a
`ValidationError` inside `Form.clean` doesn't clear the
`cleaned_data` attribute.

Thanks to loic84 and timograham for the review.
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1 parent 8ed9646 commit 9aa6d4bdb6618ba4f17acc7b7c0d1462d6cbc718 @bmispelon bmispelon committed Nov 12, 2013
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  1. +6 −10 docs/ref/forms/validation.txt
@@ -78,6 +78,10 @@ overridden:
like. This method can return a completely different dictionary if it wishes,
which will be used as the ``cleaned_data``.
+ Since the field validation method have been run by the time ``clean()`` is
+ called, you also have access to the form's ``errors`` attribute which
+ contains all the errors raised by previous steps.
Note that any errors raised by your ``Form.clean()`` override will not
be associated with any field in particular. They go into a special
"field" (called ``__all__``), which you can access via the
@@ -95,7 +99,8 @@ These methods are run in the order given above, one field at a time. That is,
for each field in the form (in the order they are declared in the form
definition), the ``Field.clean()`` method (or its override) is run, then
``clean_<fieldname>()``. Finally, once those two methods are run for every
-field, the ``Form.clean()`` method, or its override, is executed.
+field, the ``Form.clean()`` method, or its override, is executed, no matter if
+the previous methods have raised errors or not.
Examples of each of these methods are provided below.
@@ -104,15 +109,6 @@ field, if the ``Field.clean()`` method raises a ``ValidationError``, any
field-specific cleaning method is not called. However, the cleaning methods
for all remaining fields are still executed.
-The ``clean()`` method for the ``Form`` class or subclass is always run. If
-that method raises a ``ValidationError``, ``cleaned_data`` will be an empty
-The previous paragraph means that if you are overriding ``Form.clean()``, you
-should iterate through ``self.cleaned_data.items()``, possibly considering the
-``_errors`` dictionary attribute on the form as well. In this way, you will
-already know which fields have passed their individual validation requirements.
.. _raising-validation-error:
Raising ``ValidationError``

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