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[1.0.X] Minor update to documentation for many-to-many filter() calls.

Removed a potential ambiguity when describing how multiple conditions in one
filter() call are handled.

Backport of r9958 from trunk.

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1 parent f520f44 commit 9e6d32eddeb11cfaf9b817f105633a3f3779a80c @malcolmt malcolmt committed Mar 3, 2009
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@@ -460,8 +460,9 @@ the primary model, not necessarily those objects that were selected by an
earlier ``filter()`` call.
That may sound a bit confusing, so hopefully an example will clarify. To
-select all blogs that contains entries with *"Lennon"* in the headline and
-were published in 2008, we would write::
+select all blogs that contain entries with both *"Lennon"* in the headline
+and that were published in 2008 (the same entry satisfying both conditions),
+we would write::

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