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Fixed #9027 -- Corrected the documentation about can_delete default v…

…alue. Thanks gsf for catching this.

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9 docs/topics/forms/modelforms.txt
@@ -411,8 +411,9 @@ working with ``ModelForm`` instances instead of ``Form`` instances::
<tr><th><label for="id_form-0-birth_date">Birth date:</label></th><td><input type="text" name="form-0-birth_date" id="id_form-0-birth_date" /><input type="hidden" name="form-0-id" id="id_form-0-id" /></td></tr>
.. note::
- One thing to note is that ``modelformset_factory`` uses ``formset_factory``
- and by default uses ``can_delete=True``.
+ ``modelformset_factory`` uses ``formset_factory`` to generate the forms
+ making model formsets simply an abstraction on top of formsets that knows
+ about models and how to interact.
Changing the queryset
@@ -559,6 +560,10 @@ some author you would do::
>>> author = Author.objects.get(name=u'Orson Scott Card')
>>> formset = BookFormSet(instance=author)
+.. note::
+ ``inlineformset_factory`` uses ``modelformset_factory`` and marks
+ ``can_delete=True``.
More than one foreign key to the same model

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