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Fixed #10545 -- Mentioned that template context variables are scoped …

…to the block in which they're assigned. Thanks to yaniv.haber for the report and timo for the patch.

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1 parent 321e48f commit 9facaec719f3605c50d0188f95d979a692bdf8f9 Gabriel Hurley committed Oct 25, 2010
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@@ -790,7 +790,7 @@ difference between this case and the previous ``inclusion_tag`` example.
Setting a variable in the context
-The above example simply output a value. Generally, it's more flexible if your
+The above examples simply output a value. Generally, it's more flexible if your
template tags set template variables instead of outputting values. That way,
template authors can reuse the values that your template tags create.
@@ -816,6 +816,13 @@ Here's how you'd use this new version of the tag:
{% current_time "%Y-%M-%d %I:%M %p" %}<p>The time is {{ current_time }}.</p>
+.. admonition:: Variable scope in context
+ Any variable set in the context will only be available in the same ``block``
+ of the template in which it was assigned. This behaviour is intentional;
+ it provides a scope for variables so that they don't conflict with
+ context in other blocks.
But, there's a problem with ``CurrentTimeNode2``: The variable name
``current_time`` is hard-coded. This means you'll need to make sure your
template doesn't use ``{{ current_time }}`` anywhere else, because the

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