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Fixed the note about charset encoding in PO files. It must be UTF-8 s…

…ince [5708].

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@@ -456,10 +456,13 @@ otherwise, they'll be tacked together without whitespace!
.. admonition:: Mind your charset
- When creating a ``.po`` file with your favorite text editor, first edit
+ When creating a PO file with your favorite text editor, first edit
the charset line (search for ``"CHARSET"``) and set it to the charset
- you'll be using to edit the content. Generally, utf-8 should work for most
- languages, but ``gettext`` should handle any charset you throw at it.
+ you'll be using to edit the content. Due to the way the ``gettext`` tools
+ work internally and because we want to allow non-ASCII source strings in
+ Django's core and your applications, you **must** use UTF-8 as the encoding
+ for your PO file (this means that everybody will be using the same
+ encoding, which is important when Django processes the PO files).
To reexamine all source code and templates for new translation strings and
update all message files for **all** languages, run this::

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