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Fixed #5303 -- Fixed incorrect statement about PythonPath directive …

…in docs/modpython.txt

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adrianholovaty committed Sep 2, 2007
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@@ -262,7 +262,8 @@ else. This is done using the PythonImport_ directive to mod_python. You need
to ensure that you have specified the ``PythonInterpreter`` directive to
mod_python as described above__ (you need to do this even if you aren't
serving multiple installations in this case). Then add the ``PythonImport``
-line inside the ``Location`` or ``VirtualHost`` section. For example::
+line in the main server configuration (i.e., outside the ``Location`` or
+``VirtualHost`` sections). For example::
PythonInterpreter my_django
PythonImport /path/to/my/project/ my_django

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