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[1.7.x] Added missing deprecation note for fastcgi in 1.7 release not…

…es; refs #20766.

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1 parent d4623d1 commit a11ed8dcfdce6820012ea219d1bbadb28c67b60d @timgraham timgraham committed Jun 9, 2014
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@@ -1544,3 +1544,9 @@ Reorganization of database test settings
All database settings with a ``TEST_`` prefix have been deprecated in favor of
entries in a :setting:`TEST <DATABASE-TEST>` dictionary in the database
settings. The old settings will be supported until Django 1.9.
+FastCGI support
+FastCGI support via the ``runfcgi`` management command will be removed in
+Django 1.9. Please deploy your project using WSGI.

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