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[1.2.X] Added note to 1.2.5 release notes about ModelAdmin.lookup_all…

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Backport of [15352] from trunk.

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@@ -61,3 +61,14 @@ process. If you require data to exist during test conditions, you
should either insert it using :ref:`test fixtures
<topics-testing-fixtures>`, or using the ``setUp()`` method of your
test case.
+ModelAdmin.lookup_allowed signature changed
+Django 1.2.4 introduced a method ``lookup_allowed`` on ``ModelAdmin``, to cope
+with a security issue (changeset `[15033]
+<>`_). Although this method was
+never documented, it seems some people have overridden ``lookup_allowed``,
+especially to cope with regressions introduced by that changeset. While the
+method is still undocumented and not marked as stable, it may be helpful to know
+that the signature of this function has changed.

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