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Reverted [3184]. There's no such thing as models.PasswordField.

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@@ -322,19 +322,6 @@ instead of a ``BooleanField`` with ``null=True``.
The admin represents this as a ``<select>`` box with "Unknown", "Yes" and "No" choices.
-A ``PasswordField`` is like a ``TextField`` but the characters that are
-entered are masked, typically by asterisks (*), when entered into a form. Note
-that though the data is masked on entry, it is sent as clear text to the
-server and stored as plain text in the database. Additional measures (such as
-using HTTPS) are needed to ensure the security of data sent from a form. This
-field is probably more useful when used in a `custom manipulator`_ than
-directly in a model.
-.. _custom manipulator:

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