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Fixed 17764. Improved auth docs.

Thanks mbt for the report and patch.

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@@ -536,7 +536,7 @@ Django 1.4 also includes several smaller improvements worth noting:
* The :func:`django.contrib.auth.models.check_password` function has been moved
- to the :mod:`django.contrib.auth.utils` module. Importing it from the old
+ to the :mod:`django.contrib.auth.hashers` module. Importing it from the old
location will still work, but you should update your imports.
* The :djadmin:`collectstatic` management command now has a ``--clear`` option
@@ -760,18 +760,20 @@ Django provides two functions in :mod:`django.contrib.auth`:
Manually managing a user's password
-.. currentmodule:: django.contrib.auth.utils
+.. currentmodule:: django.contrib.auth.hashers
.. versionadded:: 1.4
- The :mod:`django.contrib.auth.utils` module provides a set of functions
+ The :mod:`django.contrib.auth.hashers` module provides a set of functions
to create and validate hashed password. You can use them independently
from the ``User`` model.
.. function:: check_password()
+ .. versionadded:: 1.4
If you'd like to manually authenticate a user by comparing a plain-text
password to the hashed password in the database, use the convenience
- function :func:`django.contrib.auth.utils.check_password`. It takes two
+ function :func:`django.contrib.auth.hashers.check_password`. It takes two
arguments: the plain-text password to check, and the full value of a
user's ``password`` field in the database to check against, and returns
``True`` if they match, ``False`` otherwise.
@@ -785,14 +787,14 @@ Manually managing a user's password
Currently supported algorithms are: ``'sha1'``, ``'md5'`` and ``'crypt'``
if you have the ``crypt`` library installed. If the second argument is
``None``, an unusable password is returned (a one that will be never
- accepted by :func:`django.contrib.auth.utils.check_password`).
+ accepted by :func:`django.contrib.auth.hashers.check_password`).
.. function:: is_password_usable()
.. versionadded:: 1.4
Checks if the given string is a hashed password that has a chance
- of being verified against :func:`django.contrib.auth.utils.check_password`.
+ of being verified against :func:`django.contrib.auth.hashers.check_password`.
How to log a user out

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