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magic-removal: Fixed #1700 -- Updated docs/generic_views.txt to refle…

…ct magic-removal. Thanks, Malcolm and asmodai

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commit a5350de40e6e982c2f96196dc063ff389a75e0e1 1 parent f3d1c70
@adrianholovaty adrianholovaty authored
Showing with 10 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +10 −7 docs/generic_views.txt
17 docs/generic_views.txt
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ drives the blog on
from import Entry
info_dict = {
- 'model': Entry,
+ 'queryset': Entry.objects.all(),
'date_field': 'pub_date',
@@ -47,18 +47,20 @@ drives the blog on
(r'^/?$', 'archive_index', info_dict),
-As you can see, this URLconf defines a few options in ``info_dict``. ``'model'``
-tells the generic view which model to use (``Entry``, in this case), as well as
-some extra information.
+As you can see, this URLconf defines a few options in ``info_dict``.
+``'queryset'`` tells the generic view which objects to use (all of the
+``Entry`` objects, in this case), as well as some extra information (it is
+used by the view to determine the model being used, for example).
Documentation of each generic view follows, along with a list of all keyword
arguments that a generic view expects. Remember that as in the example above,
arguments may either come from the URL pattern (as ``month``, ``day``,
``year``, etc. do above) or from the additional-information dictionary (as for
-``model``, ``date_field``, etc.).
+``queryset``, ``date_field``, etc.).
-Most generic views require the ``model`` key, which is your model class (*not*
-an instance of the class).
+Most generic views require the ``queryset`` key, which is a ``QuerySet``
+instance (*not* an instance of the class); see the `database API docs`_
+for more information about query sets.
Using "simple" generic views
@@ -446,3 +448,4 @@ The create/update/delete views are:
``template_object_name`` parameter. (See above.) For example, if
``template_object_name`` is ``foo``, the variable will be ``foo``
instead of ``object``.

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