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Removed a confusing duplicate SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN header

The note is clearly a part of MESSAGE_STORAGE documentation. As a separate
section, it broke automatic link generation on the HTML version of the
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1 parent 4ba1c2e commit a542b808baf49ede4d40b2893f1bb74cd60d56f6 @ambv ambv committed May 20, 2013
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@@ -2231,6 +2231,9 @@ Controls where Django stores message data. Valid values are:
See :ref:`message storage backends <message-storage-backends>` for more details.
+The backends that use cookies -- ``CookieStorage`` and ``FallbackStorage`` --
+use the value of :setting:`SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN` when setting their cookies.
.. setting:: MESSAGE_TAGS
@@ -2262,18 +2265,6 @@ to override. See :ref:`message-displaying` above for more details.
according to the values in the above :ref:`constants table
-.. _messages-session_cookie_domain:
-Default: ``None``
-The storage backends that use cookies -- ``CookieStorage`` and
-``FallbackStorage`` -- use the value of :setting:`SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN` in
-setting their cookies.
.. _settings-sessions:

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