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… msaelices

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@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ Default: ``False``
A boolean that turns on/off debug mode.
-If you define custom settings, django/views/ has a ``HIDDEN_SETTINGS``
+If you define custom settings, `django/views/`_ has a ``HIDDEN_SETTINGS``
regular expression which will hide from the DEBUG view anything that contains
``'SECRET'``, ``'PASSWORD'``, or ``'PROFANITIES'``. This allows untrusted users to
be able to give backtraces without seeing sensitive (or offensive) settings.
@@ -284,6 +284,8 @@ but on a production server, it will rapidly consume memory.
Never deploy a site into production with ``DEBUG`` turned on.
+.. _django/views/
@@ -800,9 +802,10 @@ A tuple of profanities, as strings, that will trigger a validation error when
the ``hasNoProfanities`` validator is called.
We don't list the default values here, because that would be profane. To see
-the default values, see the file ``django/conf/``.
+the default values, see the file `django/conf/`_.
.. setting:: ROOT_URLCONF
+.. _django/conf/

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