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Fixed #10400: Added a note in the file uploads doc about the correct …

…form type needed for file uploads to work. Thanks claudep and timo.

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@@ -30,6 +30,10 @@ is a dictionary containing a key for each ``FileField`` (or ``ImageField``, or
other ``FileField`` subclass) in the form. So the data from the above form would
be accessible as ``request.FILES['file']``.
+Note that ``request.FILES`` will only contain data if the request method was
+``POST`` and the ``<form>`` that posted the request has the attribute
+``enctype="multipart/form-data"``. Otherwise, ``request.FILES`` will be empty.
Most of the time, you'll simply pass the file data from ``request`` into the
form as described in :ref:`binding-uploaded-files`. This would look
something like::

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