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…ons of Django in Debian/Fedora/etc. Thanks to Marc Fargas and Ubernostrum for the patches.

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+Third-party distributions of Django
+Several third-party distributors are now providing versions of Django integrated
+with their package-management systems. These can make installation and upgrading
+much easier for users of Django since the integration includes the ability to
+automatically install dependancies (like database adapters) that Django
+Typically, these packages are based on the latest stable release of Django, so
+if you want to use the development version of Django you'll need to follow the
+instructions for `installing the development version`_ from our Subversion
+.. _installing the development version: ../install/#installing-the-development-version
+Linux distributions
+A `packaged version of Django`_ is available for `Debian GNU/Linux`_, and can be
+installed from either the "testing" or the "unstable" repositories by typing
+``apt-get install python-django``.
+When you install this package, ``apt`` will recommend installing a database
+adapter; you should select and install the adapter for whichever database you
+plan to use with Django.
+.. _Debian GNU/Linux:
+.. _packaged version of Django:
+The Debian ``python-django`` package is also available for `Ubuntu Linux`_, in
+the "universe" repository for Ubuntu 7.04 ("Feisty Fawn"). The `current Ubuntu
+package`_ is also based on Django 0.95.1 and can be installed in the same
+fashion as for Debian.
+.. _Ubuntu Linux:
+.. _current Ubuntu package:
+A Django package is available for `Fedora Linux`_, in the "Fedora Extras"
+repository. The `current Fedora package`_ is based on Django 0.95.1, and can be
+installed by typing ``yum install Django``.
+.. _Fedora Linux:
+.. _current Fedora package:
+A Django build is available for `Gentoo Linux`_, and is based on Django 0.95.1.
+The `current Gentoo build`_ can be installed by typing ``emerge Django``.
+.. _Gentoo Linux:
+.. _current Gentoo build:;name=django
+For distributors
+If you'd like to package Django for distribution, we'd be happy to help out!
+Please join the `django-developers mailing list`_ and introduce yourself.
+We also encourage all distributors to subscribe to the `django-announce mailing
+list`_, which is a (very) low-traffic list for announcing new releases of Django
+and important bugfixes.
+.. _django-developers mailing list:
+.. _django-announce mailing list:
@@ -81,10 +81,18 @@ It's easy either way.
Installing the official version
-1. Download Django-0.95.tar.gz from our `download page`_.
-2. ``tar xzvf Django-0.95.tar.gz``
-3. ``cd Django-0.95``
-4. ``sudo python install``
+ 1. Check the `distribution specific notes`_ to see if your
+ platform/distribution provides official Django packages/installers.
+ Distribution-provided packages will typically allow for automatic
+ installation of dependancies and easy upgrade paths.
+ 2. Download Django-0.95.tar.gz from our `download page`_.
+ 3. ``tar xzvf Django-0.95.tar.gz``
+ 4. ``cd Django-0.95``
+ 5. ``sudo python install``
Note that the last command will automatically download and install setuptools_
if you don't already have it installed. This requires a working Internet
@@ -97,6 +105,7 @@ The command will install Django in your Python installation's ``site-packages``
.. _setuptools:
+.. _distribution specific notes: ../distributions/
Installing the development version

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