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Removed a relatively pointless QuerySet clone introduced in [8472].

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1 parent 1ec1257 commit aba518f0f8a20d343a0e2592fdbc7b97ee54006f @malcolmt malcolmt committed Aug 23, 2008
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@@ -617,10 +617,13 @@ def _next_is_sticky(self):
be treated as a single filter. This is only important when it comes to
determining when to reuse tables for many-to-many filters. Required so
that we can filter naturally on the results of related managers.
+ This doesn't return a clone of the current QuerySet (it returns
+ "self"). The method is only used internally and should be immediately
+ followed by a filter() that does create a clone.
- obj = self._clone()
- obj._sticky_filter = True
- return obj
+ self._sticky_filter = True
+ return self
def _merge_sanity_check(self, other):

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