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[1.5.x] Fixed #15379 - Added "how to cite Django" to FAQ.

Thanks Russ and Susan Tan.

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+How do I cite Django?
+It's difficult to give an official citation format, for two reasons: citation
+formats can vary wildly between publications, and citation standards for
+software are still a matter of some debate.
+For example, `APA style`_, would dictate something like::
+ Django (Version 1.5) [Computer Software]. (2013). Retrieved from
+However, the only true guide is what your publisher will accept, so get a copy
+of those guidelines and fill in the gaps as best you can.
+If your referencing style guide requires a publisher name, use "Django Software
+If you need a publishing location, use "Lawrence, Kansas".
+If you need a web address, use
+If you need a name, just use "Django", without any tagline.
+If you need a publication date, use the year of release of the version you're
+referencing (e.g., 2013 for v1.5)
+.. _APA style:

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