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Added PASSWORD_HASHERS to settings reference document.

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1 parent 6534a95 commit abd0f304b162b3120b1c7321fbfc3090e5f3c92c @ramiro ramiro committed Dec 19, 2012
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@@ -1450,6 +1450,25 @@ format has higher precedence and will be applied instead.
See also :setting:`DECIMAL_SEPARATOR`, :setting:`THOUSAND_SEPARATOR` and
+.. setting:: PASSWORD_HASHERS
+.. versionadded:: 1.4
+See :ref:`auth_password_storage`.
+ ('django.contrib.auth.hashers.PBKDF2PasswordHasher',
+ 'django.contrib.auth.hashers.PBKDF2SHA1PasswordHasher',
+ 'django.contrib.auth.hashers.BCryptPasswordHasher',
+ 'django.contrib.auth.hashers.SHA1PasswordHasher',
+ 'django.contrib.auth.hashers.MD5PasswordHasher',
+ 'django.contrib.auth.hashers.UnsaltedMD5PasswordHasher',
+ 'django.contrib.auth.hashers.CryptPasswordHasher',)

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timgraham replied Dec 19, 2012

FWIW, this was discussed and sort of rejected in


ramiro replied Dec 19, 2012

Oh sorry for not searching Trac and thanks for your work on that ticket.

I've found about this while trying to learn about the 1.3.->1.4->1.5 migration path and I've read one thread in the last week related to this (i.e. this is affecting users in the real world).

I can undo the commit easily but OTOH I think it's better to it documented and don't block on a theoretical future doc refactoring.

Also, w/ this we have dummy :setting:PASSWORD_HASHERS in other parts of the docs.

And we already have another django.contrib.auth setting (PASSWORD_RESET_TIMEOUT_DAYS) just below it.

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