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Added note to mysql backend about DATE_FORMAT not working. Refs #1423

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adrianholovaty committed Mar 1, 2006
1 parent 85f084d commit ace140662b2c49d1a544e62d4cd230945d56b62d
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@@ -106,6 +106,9 @@ def get_date_trunc_sql(lookup_type, field_name):
# MySQL doesn't support DATE_TRUNC, so we fake it by subtracting intervals.
# If you know of a better way to do this, please file a Django ticket.
+ # Note that we can't use DATE_FORMAT directly because that causes the output
+ # to be a string rather than a datetime object, and we need MySQL to return
+ # a date so that it's typecasted properly into a Python datetime object.
subtractions = ["interval (DATE_FORMAT(%s, '%%%%s')) second - interval (DATE_FORMAT(%s, '%%%%i')) minute - interval (DATE_FORMAT(%s, '%%%%H')) hour" % (field_name, field_name, field_name)]
if lookup_type in ('year', 'month'):
subtractions.append(" - interval (DATE_FORMAT(%s, '%%%%e')-1) day" % field_name)

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