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Fixed #4854 -- Recommended the use of forward slashes even in Windows…

… configuration, to avoid having to worry about double-escaping issues. Based on a patch from adamv.

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@@ -87,17 +87,19 @@ lived under the ``weblog/`` directory, you would *also* need to add
**parent directories** of anything you import directly must be on the Python
-.. caution::
+.. note::
- If you're using Windows, remember that the path will contain backslashes.
- This string is passed through Python's string parser twice, so you need to
- escape each backslash **twice**::
+ If you're using Windows, it is still recommended that you use forward
+ slashes in the pathnames, even though Windows normally uses backslashes
+ for its native separator. Apache knows how to convert from the forward
+ slash format to the native format, so this approach is portable and easier
+ to read (it avoids tricky problems with having to double-escape
+ backslashes).
- PythonPath "['c:\\\\path\\\\to\\\\project'] + sys.path"
+ This is valid even on a Windows system::
- Or, use raw strings::
+ PythonPath "['c:/path/to/project'] + sys.path"
- PythonPath "[r'c:\\path\\to\\project'] + sys.path"
You can also add directives such as ``PythonAutoReload Off`` for performance.
See the `mod_python documentation`_ for a full list of options.

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