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Added release notes for 4b31a6a.

Thanks Florian for reporting this omission.
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@@ -66,6 +66,12 @@ UTC. This limitation was lifted in Django 1.6. Use :meth:`QuerySet.datetimes()
<django.db.models.query.QuerySet.datetimes>` to perform time zone aware
aggregation on a :class:`~django.db.models.DateTimeField`.
+Support for savepoints in SQLite
+Django 1.6 adds support for savepoints in SQLite, with some :ref:`limitations
``BinaryField`` model field
@@ -189,12 +195,29 @@ Backwards incompatible changes in 1.6
New transaction management model
+Behavior changes
Database-level autocommit is enabled by default in Django 1.6. While this
doesn't change the general spirit of Django's transaction management, there
are a few known backwards-incompatibities, described in the :ref:`transaction
management docs <transactions-upgrading-from-1.5>`. You should review your
code to determine if you're affected.
+Savepoints and ``assertNumQueries``
+The changes in transaction management may result in additional statements to
+create, release or rollback savepoints. This is more likely to happen with
+SQLite, since it didn't support savepoints until this release.
+If tests using :meth:`~django.test.TestCase.assertNumQueries` fail because of
+a higher number of queries than expected, check that the extra queries are
+related to savepoints, and adjust the expected number of queries accordingly.
+Autocommit option for PostgreSQL
In previous versions, database-level autocommit was only an option for
PostgreSQL, and it was disabled by default. This option is now :ref:`ignored
<postgresql-autocommit-mode>` and can be removed.
@@ -372,11 +372,13 @@ The following example demonstrates the use of savepoints::
Database-specific notes
+.. _savepoints-in-sqlite:
Savepoints in SQLite
While SQLite ≥ 3.6.8 supports savepoints, a flaw in the design of the
-:mod:`sqlite3` makes them hardly usable.
+:mod:`sqlite3` module makes them hardly usable.
When autocommit is enabled, savepoints don't make sense. When it's disabled,
:mod:`sqlite3` commits implicitly before savepoint statements. (In fact, it

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