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[2.0.x] Fixed #28625 -- Distinguished DATABASES['TIME_ZONE'] from set…


Backport of 44f0842 from master
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jribbens authored and timgraham committed Sep 22, 2017
1 parent 7c6590a commit aff2df2427232807a88c2f408e7dc62b88f51cd0
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@@ -625,8 +625,9 @@ default port. Not used with SQLite.
Default: ``None``
A string representing the time zone for datetimes stored in this database
-(assuming that it doesn't support time zones) or ``None``. The same values are
-accepted as in the general :setting:`TIME_ZONE` setting.
+(assuming that it doesn't support time zones) or ``None``. This inner option of
+the :setting:`DATABASES` setting accepts the same values as the general
+:setting:`TIME_ZONE` setting.
This allows interacting with third-party databases that store datetimes in
local time rather than UTC. To avoid issues around DST changes, you shouldn't

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