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Fixed #4150 -- Added an explanation of how to use eggs with mod_python.

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@@ -211,6 +211,41 @@ Here are two recommended approaches:
2. Or, copy the admin media files so that they live within your Apache
document root.
+Using eggs with mod_python
+If you installed Django from a Python egg_ or are using eggs in your Django
+project, some extra configuration is required. Create an extra file in your
+project (or somewhere else) that contains something like the following::
+ import os
+ os.environ['PYTHON_EGG_CACHE'] = '/some/directory'
+Here, ``/some/directory`` is a directory that the Apache webserver process can
+write to. It will be used as the location for any unpacking of code the eggs
+need to do.
+Then you have to tell mod_python to import this file before doing anything
+else. This is done using the PythonImport_ directive to mod_python. You need
+to ensure that you have specified the ``PythonInterpreter`` directive to
+mod_python as described above__ (you need to do this even if you aren't
+serving multiple installations in this case). Then add the ``PythonImport``
+line inside the ``Location`` or ``VirtualHost`` section. For example::
+ PythonInterpreter my_django
+ PythonImport /path/to/my/project/ my_django
+Note that you can use an absolute path here (or a normal dotted import path),
+as described in the `mod_python manual`_. We use an absolute path in the
+above example because if any Python path modifications are required to access
+your project, they will not have been done at the time the ``PythonImport``
+line is processed.
+.. _Egg:
+.. _PythonImport:
+.. _mod_python manual: PythonImport_
+__ `Multiple Django installations on the same Apache`_
Error handling
@@ -256,3 +291,5 @@ as necessary.
.. _Expat Causing Apache Crash:
.. _mod_python FAQ entry:
.. _Getting mod_python Working:

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