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Fixed #13444 -- Improved the documentation around the backwards compa…

…tibility quirks of the cycle and include tags. Thanks to awmcclain for the report.

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@@ -619,6 +619,13 @@ including it. This example produces the output ``"Hello, John"``:
See also: ``{% ssi %}``.
+.. note::
+ The :ttag:`include` tag should be considered as an implementation of
+ "render this subtemplate and include the HTML", not as "parse this
+ subtemplate and include its contents as if it were part of the parent".
+ This means that there is no shared state between included templates --
+ each include is a completely independent rendering process.
.. templatetag:: load
@@ -230,6 +230,34 @@ party packages, or from your own code, you should ensure that the
information, see
:ref:`template tag thread safety considerations<template_tag_thread_safety>`.
+You may also need to update your templates if you were relying on the
+implementation of Django's template tags *not* being thread safe. The
+:ttag:`cycle` tag is the most likely to be affected in this way,
+especially when used in conjunction with the :ttag:`include` tag.
+Consider the following template fragment::
+ {% for object in object_list %}
+ {% include "subtemplate.html" %}
+ {% endfor %}
+with a ``subtemplate.html`` that reads::
+ {% cycle 'even' 'odd' %}
+Using the non thread-safe, pre-Django 1.2 renderer, this would output::
+ even odd even odd ...
+Using the thread-safe Django 1.2 renderer, you will instead get::
+ even even even even ...
+This is because the each rendering of the :ttag:`include` tag is an
+independent rendering. When the :ttag:`cycle` tag was not thread safe,
+the state of the :ttag:`cycle` tag would leak between multiple renderings
+of the same :ttag:`include`. Now that the :ttag:`cycle` tag is thread safe,
+this leakage no longer occurs.
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