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Fixed #15940 -- Added MySQL note about strict SQL mode

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claudep committed Apr 6, 2016
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.. _MySQL option file:
.. _MySQLdb documentation:
+.. _mysql-sql-mode:
+Setting ``sql_mode``
+From MySQL 5.7 onwards and on fresh installs of MySQL 5.6, the default value of
+the ``sql_mode`` option contains ``STRICT_TRANS_TABLES``. That option escalates
+warnings into errors when data are truncated upon insertion, so Django highly
+recommends activating a `strict mode`_ for MySQL to prevent data loss (either
+.. _strict mode:
+If you need to customize the SQL mode, you can set the ``sql_mode`` variable
+like other MySQL options: either in a config file or with the entry
+``'init_command': "SET sql_mode='STRICT_TRANS_TABLES'"`` in the
+:setting:`OPTIONS` part of your database configuration in :setting:`DATABASES`.
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