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[1.5.x] Properly support pickling of LazyObjects in Python 3.3

Backport of 836cd26d7f3394452f1f5196eb26c99fef128a1a from master
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1 parent 3deed32 commit b430e1db5f26d1de3a5cd0d6eae18603070fdab4 @clelland clelland committed with spookylukey
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  1. +10 −0 django/utils/
10 django/utils/
@@ -293,6 +293,16 @@ def __getstate__(self):
return self._wrapped.__dict__
+ # Python 3.3 will call __reduce__ when pickling; these methods are needed
+ # to serialize and deserialize correctly. They are not called in earlier
+ # versions of Python.
+ @classmethod
+ def __newobj__(cls, *args):
+ return cls.__new__(cls, *args)
+ def __reduce__(self):
+ return (self.__newobj__, (self.__class__,), self.__getstate__())
# Need to pretend to be the wrapped class, for the sake of objects that care
# about this (especially in equality tests)
__class__ = property(new_method_proxy(operator.attrgetter("__class__")))

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