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Fixed #22473 -- Emphasized that Model.clean() is not called from Mode…

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timgraham committed Apr 18, 2014
1 parent 275811a commit b43bbd6d399c9ecca09c2e181715c8856ef5a598
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@@ -143,6 +143,9 @@ access to more than a single field::
if self.status == 'published' and self.pub_date is None:
self.pub_date =
+Note, however, that like :meth:`Model.full_clean()`, a model's ``clean()``
+method is not invoked when you call your model's :meth:`` method.
Any :exc:`~django.core.exceptions.ValidationError` exceptions raised by
``Model.clean()`` will be stored in a special key error dictionary key,
:data:`~django.core.exceptions.NON_FIELD_ERRORS`, that is used for errors

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