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[1.6.x] Fixed #22458 -- Added a note about MySQL utf8_unicode_ci coll…


Thanks tobami at for the report.

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mmardini authored and timgraham committed Apr 18, 2014
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@@ -360,6 +360,15 @@ table (usually called ``django_session``) and the
.. _fixed in MySQLdb 1.2.2:
Please note that according to `MySQL Unicode Character Sets`_, comparisons for
the ``utf8_general_ci`` collation are faster, but slightly less correct, than
comparisons for ``utf8_unicode_ci``. If this is acceptable for your application,
you should use ``utf8_general_ci`` because it is faster. If this is not acceptable
(for example, if you require German dictionary order), use ``utf8_unicode_ci``
because it is more accurate.
.. _MySQL Unicode Character Sets:
Connecting to the database

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